C3 Xenon - Large guiDesigner Theme

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'Xenon' Large guiDesigner/iViewer Theme

Designed by our friends over at Custom code Crafters and especially designed for the CommandFusion platform, the Xenon theme provides all the graphics you need to create your own professional looking GUI.

Please note - this theme is designed for larger displays such as iPads and other tablets. It may not be suitable for smaller displays such as phones.

What is a guiDesigner Theme?

A guiDesigner theme is a set of files which are loaded in guiDesigner to make it as easy as possible for you to create a GUI.

Themes come with icons, buttons and sliders etc. All objects usually include an active and inactive state which is automatically set for you.

Pre-set groups are included in the theme, meaning with one simple drag and drop you can insert a whole set of buttons in your gui e.g. a number pad, or transport controls for a Bluray player.

Click here to learn more about the Theme Library.

This theme comes with:

  • Contents
    • 6 Backgrounds in both orientations
    • Over 70 different buttons
    • 6 different sized gauges
    • Various ready made text objects
    • Many different group combinations
    • Over 100 icons
  • Other
    • Easy installation
    • Retina or standard display
    • Full component Palette
    • Works perfectly with iPad or can be used with similar sized tablets



Once a C3 theme is purchased you may use it as many times as you like within your company, no need to buy further licenses for each job!

Swappable Backgrounds

This template has been designed to be used with the background of your choice. It comes complete with a number of pre-made backgrounds especially optomised to make it really shine

Editable Text

Where possible, all text in this template is editable. Allowing you to re-label buttons and heading wherever necessary.

Extensive Icon Set

This template comes with an extensive set of icons included as standard.


This template is designed to be as customisable as possible. Drag and rop and cut and paste to your heart's content.

Download Information

After purchase, the relevant files will be available for immediate download.

The following restrictions apply to the download:

  • You may download the file as many times as you like
  • There is no time limit the downloads

License Agreement  

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Only one license is needed per product per company. Therefore once purchased you are free to use our templates, graphics and modules as many times as you wish.


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