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The MOD4/DIN-MOD4 Pack provives you everything you need to create a working system and saves you 5% off your standard price for the individual items!

This pack is perfect for installations that require a very customised set of control ports that the Mini Starter Pack cannot provide.

This Kit Contains


1 x LAN Bridge

1 x PS-2420 Power Supply

4 x Modules of your choice

1 x FREE iViewer License


Save 5% off the total price when you buy this kit!

The discounted price will show in your cart when you view it - it does NOT show the discounted price on the standard item store page.

To Buy This Kit

  1. Choose either a MOD4 or DIN-MOD4 from the options above 
  2. Choose 4 modules
  3. Choose 'LAN Bridge' as the Ethernet controller
  4. Choose the power supply
  5. Adjust the quantity you wish to buy if required
  6. Click Add To Cart
  7. The discounted price will be shown in the cart, along with the free iViewer license.