iViewer for Mobile Devices

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iViewer for Mobile Devices is a powerful home automation control solution for Apple iOS and Android devices.

For more information on iViewer, please visit the iViewer page on our website.

Bulk Pricing

Free Vs Paid 

iViewer can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but the free version has limitations such as:

  • Single page only (no page flips)
  • No subpages can be shown
  • No HTTP Requests via our JavaScript API

After purchasing a license credit through our online store, you can register your devices via your account on our website.

Note: Licenses are automatically added to your account on our website (this is a separate account from the store to keep your purchasing data secure).

Make sure you use the same email on both the online store and our website so that we can assign license credits to the correct account.

Using Your Licenses

When you purchase iViewer from our website, you are actually purchasing one or more license credits which can be used at any time in future to register a specific device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android device, etc).

So you can take advantage of the "buy in bulk and save" options above, and use the license credits at any time in future. 

After finalising a purchase which includes one or more iViewer licenses, you will need to login to your account on our website.

From here you can manage your existing device registrations, as well as register a new device using any license credits you have purchased.


Free iViewer License with Hardware Purchases

When you add a CF Mini, DIN-MOD4 or MOD4 to your shopping cart, a free iViewer license will also be added to your cart.
Get the most powerful control interface to integrate with your automation system for free!