GUI ja Board Streamline - iPhone5 iViewer Template

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'Streamline' iPhone5 iViewer Template 


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 The 'Streamline' iViewer iPhone Template is designed by our design partner GUI ja Board. 

The template contains pre-made pages as shown in the screenshots and listed below as well as every flat PNG file needed to build your interface in guiDesigner. It also includes the layered Fireworks project files so that you can create additional buttons or tweak existing ones.

Please note - this template is for iPhone/iPod only.

The iPhonetemplate comes with:

  • Pages and Sub-Pages
    • Bluray
    • DirecTV
    • iPod
    • XM
    • Lights
    • Climate
    • Security
    • CCTV
    • Gates
    • Scenes
    • Party
  • Other
    • Complete Graphic Kit with multiple element sizes in 7 different colors
    • A large icon set in 3 sizes
    • A Javascript Clock module for date and time
  • Menus
    • Video Selection Menu
    • Audio Selection Menu
    • Feature Selection Menu
  • Pop-ups
    • System Off



Graphic Kit Clipboard Included

This template comes with a Clipboard GUI with all element available on individual pages (buttons, gauges, sliders, etc.) to quickly start building a project with simple copy/paste/edit actions. The Streamline templates have been built from this Clipboard.


Once purchased, the files will be available for immediate download. See below for download limits and licencing information.

Editable Text

Where possible, all text in this template is editable. Allowing you to re-label buttons and heading wherever necessary.

Large Icon Set

As a bonus, the Graphic Kit comes with a large set of icons in 3 different sizes.

Design Fireworks PNGs

Adobe Fireworks PNG are included to enable building GUI elements in sizes not included in the Graphic Kit.


The template is a sandbox that provides a headstart in designing a custom GUI. It has been designed to cater both the new user and the experienced integrator.

User Friendly

All our panels are designed to be as user friendly and as intuitive as possible, both to the programmer and the end user. We have spent many hours working to make them as flexible and usable as we possibly can.

Portrait Orientation

The template has been designed for portrait iPhone orientation, but the Graphic Kit includes the elements required to create a landscape version as well.

Clipboard File Screenshots


Download Information

After purchase, the relevant files will be available for immediate download.

The following restrictions apply to the download:

  • You may download the file up to 3 times
  • There is no time limit the downloads, they will be available until the total number of available downloads have been used.

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  • Touch screen user interface projects 
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns, presentations and brochures (Print material that 
  • uses screenshots of touch screen user interface projects.) 
  • Trade show displays, billboards and exhibits 

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Grant of license 
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